Flesh Field Discography

Viral Extinction
Redemption EP
Belief Control
Inferior EP
Conquer Me EP
Tyranny of the Majority
Voice of the Echo Chamber
Voice of Reason

Remixes by Flesh Field

The Azoic -I Tried to Warn You (Flesh Field/Decay Theory Mix)
Injury - Incest (Flesh Field Remix) 
Sabotage - Getaway (Flesh Field Remix)
Project-X - Cyberdome (Flesh Field Remix)
Assemblage 23 - Purgatory (Descending Mix by Flesh Field)
L'ame Immortelle - Epitaph (Collapsed Mix by Flesh Field)
GASR - New Society (Flesh Field Remix)
The Azoic - Evolution (Delusional Mix by Flesh Field)
Massiv in Mensch - Offensiveshock (Flesh Field Remix)
Dubok - Clear Vision (DVDA Mix by Flesh Field)
Aiboforcen - The Shepherd's Deathline (Flesh Field remix)
In the Nursery - A Rebours  (Against Nature Mix by Flesh Field)
Project-X - Reminder  (Mindscape Mix by Flesh Field)
Croc Shop - Generation  (Time Shift Mix by Flesh Field)
Individual Totem - Reflexion  (Lucid Vision Mix by Flesh Field)
Collide - Crushed (Now Forgotten Mix by Flesh Field)
Plastic - Lies (Flesh Field Remix)
Cesium 137 - Frayed (Flesh Field Remix)
Glis - No Pulse (Flesh Field Remix)
PTI - Database (Flesh Field Remix)
Samsas Traum - Khaosprinz und Windprinzessin (Flesh Field Remix)
Encoder - Dance Motherfuckers! (Flesh Field Remix)
Corporate Soldiers - Separation (Flesh Field Remix)
Mortiis - Way Too Wicked (Flesh Field Remix)
genCAB - The Badge (War Machine Mix by Flesh Field)
System Syn - The Light Was a Lie (Flesh Field Remix)

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