4/26/24: "Voice of Reason" is available now on all streaming and digital platforms! 

3/5/23: Flesh Field's follow-up to 2023's album "Voice of the Echo Chamber" titled "Voice of Reason" will be released by Metropolis Records on April 26, 2024 on all digital platforms. Mastered by Ted Phelps, the EP features 7 new original tracks, 5 remixes by genCAB, Leæther Strip, System Syn, Terminal, and Panic Lift as well as guest vocals by Jennifer Parkin of Ayria. The track listing is as follows: 

1. Wounds of War
2. Catalyst (genCAB Remix)
3. Demon
4. Manifesto (System Syn Remix)
5. Fragment of Tranquility
6. The Truth Can't Kill the Lies (Featuring Jennifer Parkin of Ayria)
7. Soldier (Leæther Strip Remix)
8. Empty Rage
9. Contagion (Self Radicalized Mix by Terminal)
10. Afraid of Tomorrow
11. Reset (Panic Lift Remix)
12. Ugly

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