The Truth Can't Kill the Lies

Written by Jennifer Parkin of AYRIA

They said
It’s in your head
It is a specter
It’s all the ghosts of future crimes
It’s not your time
But this sentence
Constitutes excessive punishment

Into oblivion
There’s nothing out here
Nothing to gain from this attempt
It’s gone
In the blink of an eye
Intercepted lies
The truth is unprotected

In light of recent crimes
We’ll keep it quiet
When the truth can’t kill the lies
Don’t ask them why
Bury the crimes
You know the truth can’t kill the lies

All wrongs no rights
Attack deny
And now we must separate
From what we’ve come to hate

It’s gone
This will subside
In the blink of an eye
When you decide
Intercepted lies
To separate what’s real or in your mind

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